Sewer Video Inspections in Laguna Beach, CA

Sewer line video inspections are a great way to find out what’s going on inside your pipes in Laguna Beach, CA. Instead of making educated guesses where a clog or blockage is creating trouble, the video camera can pinpoint an exact location. If you’ve got plumbing problems, sewer line video inspections can save a lot of time and hassle. Here’s everything you need to know about this handy method.

How sewer line video inspections work

Getting a sewer line video inspection is simply a matter of hiring a company that offers the service. Your plumber will come out to your home or business with special equipment. They may lower the camera through your main sewer line or the “branch lines,” which are the smaller pipes that lead from faucets and tubs to the main sewer line. This allows your plumber to find any blockages (or other issues, like cracks and root intrusion).

The equipment used in this process looks simple, but don’t make the mistake of thinking you can do it yourself. Homeowners and business owners who try to lower cameras down a sewer line are probably going to have limited luck—either the images will be of low quality, they won’t be able to see more than a few feet or both.

Professional equipment includes a high-quality camera with a self-righting feature—that is, the camera image always stays upright even if the camera rotates. There’s also a powerful light attached to the long line. Most importantly, it has transmitters which can relay location information back to the plumbers in real time. Once the blockage is found, your plumber will go up to ground level and find the transmission signal with another device. Then they’ll know where to dig.

When to get a video inspection

You may not need a sewer line video inspection all that often, but there are some situations in which they can really come in handy. They’re generally used to find blockages that can’t be solved with drain augering, liquid drain cleaning or plunging. Most of the time, your plumber can solve these problems without an inspection.
However, if you have a particularly stubborn blockage, or you’re planning to remodel your bathroom or kitchen, you may need a video inspection. This will help ensure your sewer line can handle any increased wastewater load.

Additionally, sewer line video inspections can be critical components of a home sale or purchase. Having record of a recent inspection allows sellers to sell with a clear conscience, and allows buyers to purchase a home with the peace of mind that comes with knowing the condition of the sewer line. Whether drain line cracks or root infiltration are handled before or after the sale depends on the transaction, but merely having the information is invaluable.

Costs and results

Sewer line video inspections can vary in cost, depending on who’s doing it, the quality of their equipment and whether you’re required to purchase other services at the same time. You might get a discount on the video inspection if you also purchase drain augering, for example. McKeown Plumbing charges $350 for a video inspection.

The video itself probably won’t look like much to you, since you’re not a plumber. It may look jerky or stilted. However, it will help your plumber find and solve drain issues, which is really all you need.

If you need a sewer line video inspection to find a blockage location in Laguna Beach, CA, call McKeown Plumbing today. We offer a wide range of plumbing services for your convenience and peace of mind.

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