June 10, 2020

Elizabeth Lattin via goo.gl

June 8, 2020

Look no further – call Mckeown

"Any homeowner knows plumbing is one of the most challenging issues for owning a property so having someone trustworthy and reliable to perform a plumbing job is very critical. We recently acquired a rental property in Laguna Niguel and unfortunately, there was one plumbing issue after the other. Luckily, we have been using McKeown from day one to resolve various plumbing issues one by one. We knew any property with a certain age will have issues but we were facing a particular persistent sewage pipe problem which was causing our tenant a lot of inconvenience. McKeown came to our rescue again. They did the estimate, provided very detailed quote, and performed permit application work. It was not a small job and there were some water issues during the constructions causing delays. McKeown team (Walter, Jon, Diana, and Jessica) was on top of the communications with me and managed the situation very effectively and professionally. The job was done beautifully at the end. They even contacted our insurance company and provided job information to help us getting reimbursed. They worth every penny and if you want to make sure you stay worry-free when it comes to plumbing - look no further, call McKeown. "
May 9, 2020

"Carlos was very professional, neat, and knowledgeable. Great work!!"
May 8, 2020

"Always do a great job!"
July 1, 2019

David S.

"I have used McKeown Plumbing for 8 years and they have done several jobs for me with the utmost professionalism and on time service. I just had a slab leak and after 1 week of Service Master cleaning up the leak mess, McKeown came out and did a full reroute of the cold water line. They completed the work faster and 20% under the estimate the insurance company gave me. I have had a great experience with them not just once or twice or three times but at least 6 or 7 times over the last 8 years. Very happy, 5 Stars !!"