Bradford White Water Heater Price Calculator


Drain and sewer line repair and replacement

Roots, Grease, Old Drain Lines, Plumbing installed incorrectly, Stoppages of any type McKeown Plumbing has the equipment and skills to get to the root cause.


Coastal Orange County household water  systems are old and fraught with the opportunity for leaks that can damage your home seriously.  The Buoy system automatically senses a leak and shuts off your water supply using sophisticated Artificial Intelligence "AI."   Monitor your water usage from your mobile phone and know you are safe from serious water damage.  

water filtration AND hOT WATER HEATERS

Filters for kitchen, bathrooms or your entire house can make the water taste better and your skin feel softer.  Ask us about solutions with no salt.  Gas, Electric, Tank-less  Water Heaters.  We specialized in Bradford White and   Noritz  water heaters. 

WATER Leaks and certified Backflow testing

We have seen it all during our 45 years in the Beach Cities.  We solve problems cost effectively. Backflow installation and testing is becoming required for new projects by all cities. 

Integrity matters

No one is on commission for any of our Plumbing Services. We do not up-sell, we do not give away a service with the intent to capture more sales. We sell and service a very wide range of brand name plumbing fixtures.



INTRODUCING BOUY Whole Home Water Control

Manage your water usage and protect your property

Water lines and pipes lead everywhere in your home: Bathrooms and ice makers, water-filtration systems and washing machines, wet bars and water heaters. Sometimes, a leak or a burst is easy to spot. Other times it may be hidden in a cabinet, behind a wall or in a basement. Knowing the moment water is where it’s not supposed to be can make the difference between a nuisance and catastrophe

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The Bouy water controller discovers leaks before damage becomes visible.   In the event of a leak, Bouy shuts off your water main and sends a message to your phone.

About Us


Reliable Professionals

Tradesmen with integrity.  McKeown Plumbing is Licensed, Bonded and Insured.  Our team members are never on commission.  


From sinks to impossible crawl spaces

The McKeown Plumbing team members solve the toughest water, gas  and sewer problems. Plumbing infrastructure in Coastal Orange County is often old and installed to a wide range of "standards."  Our team has seen it all and can solve about any problem.


McKeown strives to get to the root cause of the problem

McKeown's tradesmen are trained to find the real problem and offer customers a range of options.  If you have lateral or drain line issue we can snake or hydro-jet them out.  Tired of maintaining recurring issues, McKeown will repair or replace your plumbing infrastructure to code with the best value in parts and materials.