Plumbing Services in Laguna Beach, CA

No one ever wants to have to call a plumber. At McKeown Plumbing, we get it—that’s why we do everything in our power to make calling us as painless and easy as possible. We’ve spent more than 45 years as a residential plumber in Laguna Beach, CA and we’ve seen it all. Trust us to correctly diagnose any plumbing problems you might be dealing with and have the right solution at-the-ready.

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We’re available for a complete scope of plumbing services, wherever and whenever you need us. Some of the most common calls we respond to include:

Pink Bathroom
  • Service and repair
  • New construction and remodel
  • Water lines and whole house repipe
  • Water and slab leak detection and repair
  • Preventative maintenance and service contracts
  • Backflow testing, repair, and installation
  • Drain line repair and maintenance
  • Drain line snaking and repair
  • Sewer line video inspection and location
  • Sewer line repair and maintenance
  • Hydrojetting
  • Water heater repair and installation
  • Tankless water heaters
  • Remodels
  • Water filtration
  • Earthquake shutoff
  • Water control systems

Hydro Jetting

Blockages and root intrusions don’t stand a chance against the power of hydro jetting! We use pressurized water to safely blast through obstructions deep within your plumbing, restoring proper flow and preventing costly backups and leaks.

Drain Cleaning

We recommend having your drains cleaned annually by a professional. Drain cleaning helps prevent everything from buildups and obstructions, to calcification and other hindrances that may cause slow draining, backups and leaks.

Leak Repair

Leaks can develop anywhere in your plumbing system. It’s our job to hunt them down and fix them before they do serious damage to your Laguna Beach, CA home. We can detect leaks behind walls or at any point in your water supply, as well as at the point of use, such as below sinks and at hookups.

Same Day Services

Plumbing problems don’t often occur at a convenient time. If you have an urgent need, call us. We’re local, which means we can get out to you ASAP, fixing your plumbing issue before it has a chance to do any more damage or cause any more headaches.

Storm Drains

We are available to test and snake your area storm drains. This is especially important before the rainy season to avoid backups and floods. We have top efficiency equipment to do this and we can book a same day service.

Let McKeown Plumbing Help You

McKeown Plumbing is standing by, ready to remedy your plumbing problems. From simple leak repairs to complex line investigations and jetting, you can count on us for solutions that work. Let us take the hassle out of calling a plumber and give you the confidence that only comes with 45+ years serving Laguna Beach, CA homeowners. Call us today at 949-497-1108 for service.

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