Diagnosis in Laguna Beach CA

Before you can fix a plumbing problem, you need to know what’s causing it. The professionals at McKeown Plumbing are trained to always get to the bottom of an issue before recommending a solution. It’s why every one of our visits starts with a plumbing inspection and ends with the best possible solution.

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The plumbing infrastructure of coastal Laguna Beach, CA isn’t the best, which means your plumbing needs may differ from someone else’s just a few miles down the coast! We understand this variance and work hard to compensate for it by being thorough in our diagnoses. Some of the many ways we approach plumbing problems include:

Sink Pipes

Plumbing Inspections

Diagnosis is the most important part of a plumber’s job, because it dictates the type of repairs needed to solve the issue at hand. We perform thorough drain inspections, as well as inspections of your various plumbing components to see how problems manifest and to what extent they’re affecting your system.

Home Leak Detection

It’s not always easy to spot leaks in your home. If you see visual evidence of a leak, give us a call. Otherwise, watch for loss of pressure or high water bills. We’re able to trace the source of leaks, whether it’s part of a main water supply or at the source, like a bathroom or kitchen fixture.

Certified Backflow Testing

Backflow systems need to be tested routinely to ensure they still work as-intended. We’ll make sure the release valves of your backflow preventers work properly, and that your system is in compliance with Laguna Beach, CA municipal standards.

Sewer Video Inspections

Using state-of-the-art video inspection equipment, we’re able to snake a camera down into your drains to see what’s causing problems. It gives us a firsthand look at what we’re dealing with—be it a blockage, foreign debris or collapsed plumbing.

Keep Your Plumbing Functional

Let McKeown Plumbing peek at your pipes and figure out what the problem is before we get to work fixing it! Beware any plumber who doesn’t perform a diagnosis before recommending a solution. Instead give us a call at 949-497-1108 and we’ll make sure you know exactly what’s giving you trouble. Then, we’ll fix it!

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